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March 15
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You couldn't believe what you were doing right now in the middle of night, sitting in the couch with a drink of ___________ in your hand while ear-piercing music played in the flashy-colored room. You wondered why you were here in the first place and watched as Alfred ran around the room with some huge black hat in his hand, but what caught your attention was that he was sneaking around all assasin-like, pick-pocketing all the others you knew around the party.

You smirked a little, placed your drink on the coffee table and quietly went over to Alfred's side who was about to take from a sleeping Ivan his half-filled vodka bottle. When he got it and stuffed it inside, he turned himself and saw you standing behind him with a sly look.

Before he could say anything, you cut him off saying, "Dude, why didn't you let me be part of this?"

Alfred blinked slightly, but then he grinned devishly.

Soon, the two of you were sneaking around like theives and stolen lots of things from the others without their knowledge, and boy did you have a lot of fun from the constant feeling of taking everyone's things without them knowing.

Right then the lights came to a halt, the people who are in the party muttered loudly what was going on and soon you and Alfred stepped up from the DJ stand and held the black hat with pride.

"Dudes, we're playing SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN~!" Alfred announced loudly that people covered their ears to block off the annoying American's voice. "And _________'s gonna go first!"


"Here, take a item!" Alfred said, pushing the hat to you and you had no choice but to do so.

"No!" you protested angrily.

"I DON'T CARE!" Alfred sung that one song you like/disliked.

You sighed in frustration, and in your hand you pulled out from the black hat a...
I decided to do a series of oneshots for Seven Minutes in Heaven! 

Now you can enjoy yourself with wonderful fanfictions of your favorite characters and have lovely moments with them! I will post daily for oneshots. Please leave comments and favorites! 

Hetalia List

Britain- Scone:…
America- Burger bun:…
Thailand- Elephant toy:
Russia- Vodka Bottle:…
Canada- Maple Leaf:…
France- Rose:…
China- Panda Bear:…
Japan- Manga Book:…
Italy- Pasta Noodle:…
Germany- Dog Collar:…
Sealand- Chocolate Bar:…
Belarus- Russia's Underwear:…
Ukraine- Bra:…
Belgium- Waffle:
Spain- Guitar String:
Romano- Tomato:…
Wy- Paint Bottle:
Poland- Pink Dress:
Hungary- Flower Crown:
Liechtenstein- Ribbon:
Lithuania: A Book
Latvia- Romantic Poem:
Estonia- Calculator:
Finland- Santa Hat:
Iceland- Licorice:…
Sweden- Tiny Keychain Chair:
Norway- Butter Cookie:…
Denmark- Black Hat:
Romania- Wand:…
Cuba- Cuban Cigar:
Greece- Kitten:
Hong Kong- Jackie Chan Photo:
India- Bollywood Postcard:
S. Korea- Kimchi:
Seychelles- Sea shell:
Vietnam- Vietnam Hat:…
Turkey- Mask:
Taiwan- Peach:
Switzerland- Gun shell:
Netherlands- Smoke Pipe:
Australia- Koala plush:…
Austria- Music Sheet:
New Zealand- Baby Lamb:

Nyotalia--for readers, too 

Nyo! Belarus- Russia's Panty:…
Nyo! Ukraine- Pants Button:…
Nyo! Belgium- Chocolate Syrup Bottle:
Nyo! Hungary-Frying Pan:
Nyo! Liechtenstein-Crown:
Nyo! Canada: Kumajirou:…
Nyo! Vietnam- Paddle:
Nyo! Seychelles- Small Surfboard:
Nyo! America: Baseball
Nyo! Britain: Glasses
Nyo! China: Steam bun
Nyo! Russia: Shovel
Nyo! Italy: Gloves
Nyo! Japan: Sakura pin
Nyo! Germany: Cross necklace
Nyo! France: Wine Bottle

If you want, vote for some 2PS and I'll let you know when I'll make my new list! Enjoy!


2p! America-Baseball bat:…
2p! Britain-Rope:…
2p! Canada-Hockey Stick:…
2p! France-Condom
2p! China-Kitchen Knife
2p! Russia- Lollipop
2p! Italy- Knife with his name on it
2p! Japan- Katana
2p! Germany- Beer can
2p! Prussia(?)- Blank paper:…
2p! Romano- Picture of huggies
2p!Lithuania- Horse toy

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This is just a suggestion but for 2p China's item in the hat it would make more sense if it was a pipe (opium addict)
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Not trying to rush you, but I would love to read Prussia's please! 
Alana-Fox Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014  Student General Artist
really, are you gonna do Scotland too?
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and the katana?
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